About Us At RThunder Radio

Welcome to RThunder Radio, where every note played and every song aired is a testament to our undying love for music. Born from the shared passion of Wallace Trowell and Jody Hartgraves, RThunder Radio first hit the airwaves in 2004, in the vibrant community of Winter Haven, Florida.

Our Story

RThunder Radio was not just built; it was conceived out of a lifelong friendship, a mutual love for music, and a desire to create a space where melodies could not only be heard but felt. Wallace and Jody, both music aficionados and visionaries, saw the potential for a radio station that could bring together the diverse sounds of the music world while fostering a community of listeners who shared their passion.

From its inception, RThunder Radio has been more than just a station. It is a sanctuary for music lovers, a hub for discovering new tunes, and a platform for artists to share their craft. Our founders, Wallace Trowell and Jody Hartgraves, envisioned a station that would break the conventional boundaries of radio, offering an eclectic mix of genres, from rock and pop to country and beyond.

Our Mission

At RThunder Radio, our mission is simple: to keep the spirit of music alive and kicking. We strive to deliver not just music, but experiences that resonate with our listeners, creating moments of joy, nostalgia, and discovery. Whether you're tuning in to find your next favorite song, or simply to enjoy the classics, RThunder Radio is here to provide the soundtrack to your life.

Our Community

Music has the power to bring people together, and at RThunder Radio, we cherish the community that has grown around our station. From Winter Haven to the world, our listeners are an extension of our family. We are committed to engaging with our audience, whether through interactive shows, community events, or social media conversations. Your voice, your stories, and your love for music inspire us every day to keep the tunes flowing.

Join the RThunder Radio Family

Dive into our world of music and become part of the RThunder Radio family. Tune in for an unparalleled selection of music, insightful programming, and the warmth of a community that shares your passion for tunes. With RThunder Radio, there's always a song to discover and a moment to cherish.

Welcome to RThunder Radio – where our love for music is only matched by yours.